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Mr & Ms Africa New Zealand

Kelvin Taylor alongside African Welfare Services New Zealand worked to empower African Youth through performance art to celebrate the many African tribes that exist in New Zealand. Youth share their confidence, dance, unity and self-expression that have saved African communities abroad that were trafficked or displaced by war or famine to feel at home in New Zealand.

Kelvin Taylor - Miss Africa Auckland 3
Kelvin Taylor - Miss Africa Auckland 4
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Mr and Ms Africa New Zea
Kelvin Taylor - Miss Africa Auckland 1
Kelvin Taylor - Miss Africa Auckland
Kelvin Taylor - Miss Africa Auckland2


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Kelvin Taylor worked collaboratively with iPop LA alongside the local New Zealand community to source and mentor talent for iPop International (A sub-division of iPop LA). He continues to keep in touch with students forging ahead and advising as he is developing and advancing in his opportunities til this day.

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IPop - So You Think You Can Dance (Kids)
IPop LA - Tessa Kate Campbell
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IPop LA - CEO Ron Patterson
IPop LA - Behind The Scenes
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IPop - Aaron and Tessa Kate Campbell
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IPop LA - Shania Wheatley1
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IPop LA - NZ Students 2
IPop LA - Adhem Taha  4
IPop LA - Show 1
IPop LA - Adhem Taha  3
IPop - Downtown LA
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In October 2014, Kelvin held a 3 division class, with multiple age ranges from age 4 to 22 and groomed them on confidence and acting exercises. Monologue pieces were performed and critiqued for Film and Television industry standards for preparation for their future and for the iPOP LA event held in Los Angeles.


A group of his gifted young students travelled on the behalf of iPOP New Zealand and Australia along with director Mark Grundy in January 2015.


Each displaying their talent among an array of producers, casting director and talent agents. Some securing representation and building relationships that carried them from 2015 and beyond.

Public Speaking

There is power in Vulnerability, outside of an aim for an actor to master-craft that ability on screen. Authenticity and the ability to be who you authentically regardless of social media, views or social gains. Knowing who you are when the camera is off is key. Mentorship is tough without accountability. It's like trying to give water from an empty cup. Until accountability happens in fairness of your past, you are not capable of advising. To love who you are now, you must not regret the experiences that helped shape you while knowing your individual role in your past choices. Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside of you, emotionally with detachment and addictions. Addictions are an attempt to coupe with stress. It's a habit be it girls, the gym, dance, food, drugs, work to coupe that causes more harm than good but you will not let go despite the disruptive  consequences. Kelvin share's how a past builds character for your life long movie is not a life long sentence. You may not can control the outcome of you past, but you certainly can adjust your prospects for the future. Before all things, you are a human. Your shortcomings in the longterm are actually gains so there is no failure when you either achieve or learn. Taylor has always sought to express, communicate and be better at it through poetry or writing. An Authentic path may take longer, but the moves and impact are forever legendary! Here we find Kelvin sharing his unprepared stages of life and career opportunities that helped shaped him.

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Besos Latinos Guest Speak w_ Tedx New Ze
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Besos Latinos Guest Speak w_ Tedx New Ze

Supporting Local Kiwi Theater & Film

Kelvin Taylor - Show Me Shorts NZ (2021)

Show Me Shorts Film Festival

Kelvin Taylor was invited by the wonderful Gina Dellabarca to present on the behalf of StarNow for the "StarNow Best Actor" award. Kelvin as an African AMerican actor was the 1st of many to speak about the need for diversity on Television Screens. The Winner of the award unbeknownst was Chinese-New Zealand actress Katlyn Wong for "Wait". A beautiful moment and recognition of talent.

Kelvin Taylor with Anna Hutchison and Ki
Tannaz Barkhordari and Kelvin Taylor at
Kelvin Taylor actor with Tannaz Barkhord
Kelvin Taylor actor Tannaz Barkhordari a
Kelvin Taylor withJohn Tui for PISA
Kelvin Taylor Actor and Tannaz Barkhorda
Kelvin Taylor actor for Red Nose Day alo

Social Justice

Kelvin Taylor - African American Lives M
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African American Lives Matter

Kelvin Taylor has been an active advocate for social justice and international human rights outside of the USA's geo-political and social issues. A product of human trafficking, he has been on a journey of self discovery from engaging in interracial relations through love or friendship since childhood. Challenging his idea's by engaging with cultures has in turn showed Kelvin ways to better himself and human+kind.

Author: Kelvin's 1st Published Article

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For words have meaning and to be specific is to be respected. For this reason he has been vocal on informing people of the man who institutionalised Race according to color. Black History does not speak for Afro-Cubans, Iranians, Brazilians or French Africans of Diaspora. It is unconscious in arrogance and is another aspect of tribalism the has been more destructive. It has been Kelvin's life mission to humanise his people outside of colorism, correcting perspectives and terms. Click the link above.

Kelvin Taylor -African American Lives Ma
Kelvin Taylor -African American Lives Ma



Spoken Word Poetry (2 Parts)

Kelvin Taylor - Humanauts 1 (2021).png

Kelvin Taylor sharing his day to day connection with humanity and celebrating how diversely interconnected our worlds are despite tribalism that can hinder how much we in this life together.

Kelvin Taylor - Humanauts 2 (2021).png

A Poetic Introspective Piece sharing self reflection equals self guidance. A message for all mankind that this life is bigger than ourselves. its for others. 

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For all human+kind

Kelvin Taylor - BLM 2016.png
African American Lives Matter -  Waterma
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African American Lives Matter - Watermar