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Kelvin Taylor


My introduction to Hollywood has been an amazing slow drip that has kept me humbled and equally astounded by everyone who has believed in my journey. As a well travelled man in a sense that I have lived Tri-Coastal, has made me understand that humanity has the same concerns globally for food, shelter and health. However my biggest gain has been to understand that there is freedom in authenticity. Living truthfully about your circumstances, accountability for your individual role in any relationships that  dissolve into a divorce of sorts, children and more. Owning your story is the bravest thing you can do. Your authenticity will garner the the right audience and collaborators to build with that appreciate your work. Show me your audience and I will show you your future. 


As for the pursuit of accolades or a form of fame, It's easy to let your ambition rob you of your current blessings. Remember everything that you currently have is what you always wanted. Gratitude is happiness, keeping present. You are already successful by keeping active. Fame is just everyone else globally finding out you are active.


If you catch me on social media, my posts are moments of clarity  that are outside myself to help others. Its not because I have not faced uncertainties about myself, sadness, doubt or more. Self-reflection is self-guidance and that awareness can have people perceive you as the biggest "Clap It Up for Myself" person. But its because I grew to understand the wealthiest man in any given city is stressed about something on some level, so why should be in myself or my feelings. We are all in this together, beyond our surface level tribalism with separation of color, gender, relgion and other social walls that seperate us from human being. Covid-19 had us all sit down. So, I opt to give out more joy and continue studying the human condition that exceeds us all.  


My only mission in life is to continuously do something I love, utilise my craft as a platform to inspire and crusade for others, for all Human+kind. A message from "The Grateful Optimist" aka (a Father, a Husband, a Son, a Human-being).


 - SAG-AFTRA & Equity New Zealand actor of the International Emmy Nominated film "The Golden Hour"

Kelvin Taylor at the 2013 Int Emmys
Steven O'meagher
Sean Bean
Sean Bean (2)
Steven O'meagher and Justin Pemberton
Production Team behind NZ The Golden Hour
John Oliver, Host
Orange is the New Black's Danielle Brooks
Homeland's Sarita Choudhury
Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad
South African Actress at The International Emmys
Star Trek's Zachary Quinto
Amanda Righetti of The Mentalist
JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams redcarpet interview
Comedy Nominees Chris O'Dowd & Nick Vincent Murphy (Moone Boy)
Sean Bean redcarpet interview
Michael K Williams
Documentary Presenter Kate Bolduan
Sean Bean winning Best Actor
JJ Abrams being honored
JFK Honor
Emmys Floor close up
Emmys Dinning Floor
The Golden Hour - International Emmy
The Golden Hour
Kelvin Taylor's NYC Arrival
41st International Emmy Awards Menu
Actor Sean Bean and Kelvin Taylor
Kelvin - Full Length Photo
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 8
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 7
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 4
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 6
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 5
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 1
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 2
Kelvin Taylor and Temi Hason 3
The Golden Hour - Official Poster (Emmy
The Golden Hour - Official Poster (Emmy
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The Golden Hour

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