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MTV's The Shannara Chronicles heading to SPIKE, soon to be "The Paramount Network".

Kelvin Taylor has been cast on SPIKE TV's The Shannara Chronicles, Season 2. Hi Everyone ..The Shannara Chronicles was a blessing in disguise! I had the fortunate opportunity to be cast for Season 2 and it was an absolutely thrilling experience with amazing production staff, cast and crew. The show is making a significant move due to parent company Viacom's rebranding and realising the demographic of viewers had changed from their original target audience, which were teens. The majority of viewers were from ages 13-40 and were male, which is interesting with a cast of strong females present. This will be THE MOST DIVERSE fantasy program on television. Footage I could see were ground breaking into were it heading. I hope you guys tune into SPIKE and Netflix recap of Season 1 and prepare yourself for Season 2 this October!

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