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The Evil Blessing & "The Ashy Man".

Kelvin Taylor had a tremendous blessed encounter running to some amazing people on-set of "Ash vs. Evil Dead". Had much extended stay then he could've anticipated and to say the least, I call it the Evil Blessing! Seems as if warm energy attracted like-minded creatives and I felt I was placed in the right moments, at the right time. I call myself "The Ashy" on, being a darker man and having to apply lotion, the found me of some great use and that's hard to come by in a industry seeking diversity and having a voice to be an asset. Guess there is gratitude overflowing in my heart for this experience and just wanna share my joy and dark frappe colored humor and appreciation for my time commencing. Much love to you all and all the great productions out here that strive for equality on every level. Gracias :) ..if you're wondering why I was so sweaty, I happen to be the only breakdancer at the mid-season wrap party. Keeping it groovy my folks :)

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