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"Born to Dance" - Premier Night (Auckland, New Zealand)

Kelvin Taylor appeared on Wednesday, September 23rd at the NZ movie premier for Born To Dance along with fellow cast and crew. Oceania was illuminated with the glitz and glam of a World Premier Dance Film, the 1st of It's kind for Australasia, featured some of the worlds best HipHop Dancers. The Red Carpet was graced with the likes of Stan Walker, Stars of the film Kherington Payne and Tia-Taharoa Maipi is his debut role. There was a room of creativity and diversity and a unanimous appreciation for the incredible dance community that exist in New Zealand. Me myself, I was honored to work along side these beautiful faces briefly and grace the red carpet with the wonderful director Tammy Davis. John Tui made my night collectively with his ove for my drive and ambition towards acting. Something he recounted as admiring trait working with American talent and aspiring to hope for that same en devour of courage to come about with many of New Zealand Talent Pool. Creativity confidence is simple happiness in your craft from my perspective. It was humbling to see someone take notice to the joy and networking I was looking to bring, in a room of people with skill, however some seemingly appeared overwhelmed. It's allot to soak in, but if you smile with the joy being brought, your eyes will open up to connecting with gratitude with all those that come to support and salute you. Incredible night indeed ..logged into the memoirs!

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