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"Alien Addiction" will have you hooked for Spring 2017

Kelvin Taylor is making a guest appearance in the upcoming comedy movie "Alien Addiction", a film unlike anything you've witnessed. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working with Director Shae Sterling on his Feature Film Debut "Alien Addiction" Starring Jimi Jackson

, an Maori Based Internet Sensation who's multiple posts sent him into New Zealand and the world comedian echelon. I must admit we were very turnt up to our amazement and surprise for the Sunday evening shoot at most, but I think there is something visually hilarious and amazing in-store to come to theaters in Australia and New Zealand. Seeing my old friend Monax Sanei and her creative range on set was just enlightening to witness after all the years I've known her. Annette at Zonic TV is crafting the theatrical release for March 2016 that will see some emerging young talents get to display there funk and rhythm all around. With Mr. Sterling being the man behind the visuals for Stan Walker, Vince Harder, Valkyrie, and we truly have something not only hilaious but visually stunning all the same. #WatchThisSpace #AlienAddiction #SpaceCadetsOfComedy

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