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Kelvin's Humor

Kelvin Taylor makes his Reality TV Debut alongside 4 ladies with him being the one man jokester for daily feasting festivities. This catapulted him into a household face many will enjoy in New Zealand and Internationally on this syndicated home-brewed culinary adventure. 

Kelvin's Humanity

Kelvin Taylor had the pleasure of interviewing his childhood celebrity crush Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives). A heart to heart on love, life and perspective sent blushes about that begged fans the question "Will he ask her out?".

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Gameshow Highlights

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Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn



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Presenting Beginnings

SnapStarLive CEO Clynton Blacklaws (current chairman of EDM Trips and @LiveLeanPro gave Kelvin his start in Presenting. Check Kelvin's various highlights attached here.

Kelvin's 1st Independant Presentation

LightItUpTV started as an original Web Series highlighting some of New Zealand's up and coming talent from the Early 2010's. Check the continuation of Kelvin's ambition for presenting work here.

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Kelvin Taylor with YooBee School of Design for LightItUpTV
Kelvin Taylor presenting for SnapStarLive at Sounds Of The Summer
Kelvin Taylor presenting for 20th Century Fox NZ Premier of PROJECT X
Kelvin Taylor and David Dallas at Jim Beam Homegrown 2012
Kelvin Taylor with David Tua
Kelvin Taylor interviewing Zoe
Kelvin Taylor with Jennifer Nouri
Kelvin Taylor with Peter T
Kelvin Taylor with The Docqument
Kelvin Taylor with The Doqument
Kelvin Taylor with NZ Boxer
Kelvin Taylor as Guest Celebrity Judge at Mr and Miss Africa New Zealand (2015)
Kelvin Taylor with International R&B Singer Mario
Kelvin Taylor with Duco Events
Kelvin Taylor interviewing The Black Seeds
Kelvin Taylor for SnapStarLive interview with Six60
Kelvin Taylor with producer SB Marty
LightItUpTV Promo 4
Kelvin Taylor with Alex Tarrant for LightItUpTV

Stunt x Boxing x Spartacus x BurgerFuel

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Kelvin Taylor - Boxing 2021.png
Kelvin Taylor - Spartacus Training Memor
Kelvin Taylor - BurgerFuel THE WEBSERIES

Dance Short Films

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Electro City

Originally Titled "Digital Underground" Electro City 1 is an ode to Breakdance and Cyberpunk films of the 1980's. Kelvin here is on a quest of self expression in a rather isolated environment trying to find his place in society through dance. The message here is to never stop moving.

Electro City 2

Electro City 2 finds our hero back with a crew of misfits when he encounters a courier who hands him a disk. Unbeknownst to him, he is being hunted by the cities rival gangs in a pursuit of him moving the disk across the city. He has until sunrise to night stalk towards the city limits.

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Music Video Reels

Music Video Recording Artist

And much more...

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New Zealand

Kelvin Taylor with Duco Events

Actor Kelvin Taylor with boxer Ustinov for his boxing bout in New Zealand.